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I need to improve my website rankings can anyone help me get free links on PR8 and PR9 websites

That’s high target to aim for, pr 5 and 6 sites are more the bread and butter sources of backlinks. One backlink source that’s a dream for many is the pr-8 DMOZ directory which only lists quality sites after human reviews a process that can take months. Search engine ranking depends on the PR of the actual page that contains the link

Bear in mind the other factors that effect the value of a backlink:
relevance to your sites subject matter is helpful.
link sources where you can set the anchor text to your keyword phrase.
of course dofollow links are essential for search ranking, spamming Yahoo Answers doesn’t help one’s search engine ranking.

Please tell me about the best and easy methods to increase the page rank of my website. And please suggest some websites to get back links.

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How can I efficiently increase the page ranking of my website? Any suggestions ?

1. Have quality content.
2. Get quality links without spamming.
3. Profit.

I am looking for some good SEO software or tool that allows you to see all of the backlinks to any site. I am specifically looking for one that will show the backlinks, but also show whether they are dofollow or nofollow.

I use the two sites listed below to check links.

Yahoo needs a Yahoo Id but its free.

My website has got 1000 Backlinks in the past few months, I don’t know if it is good enough? do I need to increase more backlinks? Also, I found my Google indexed page is still not any change.still 1 or 2 pages. is it very important have more Goolge indexed pages? or just continue to increase my backlinks?

The most important thing to do is to ensure that your site has good content for users.

More content will result in more pages indexed by Google and other search engines.

Google really like updated / new content, so you should always try and keep your site updated with new information.

Its also important to remember that Yahoo can produce 20% of traffic to your site, so check your site performance in Yahoo.

Yahoo Site explorer, provides a very good tool for checking back links to your website.

Yes you can increase Page Rank for your blog or website in few simple steps, first you need to write original articles for your blog or website. second you need to get back links. third you need to submit your articles to article directories. fourth you need to submit your url to directories . last Create a site map of your blog or website.

You have to make sure you get alot of incoming links. This will get you traffic and ranking, all in one. Follow the 6 steps from the article below to increase your traffic and links!

My domain is about one year old. I would like to increase my SERP ranking. My competitors have over 5,000 backlinks. Help!

I was in the same boat as you. Fortunately, there is very reliable backlick software to help you get where you need to be.

I used the backlink service a few times and it works well.

I have a website, and would like to know where I rank (and if the ranking is improving) on search engines
Ased- I checked out the link – how was it supposed to help??
feng- What in the world does your answer have to do with my question? Are the crazies out today???

Yes you can track ranking for free but this one is a a free software with option to go for other premium edition. In free version you can track up to 5 domain. There are other helpful feature related to seo as well.

Maybe you just go to the following url and go to bottom and read the "Quick Start Guide" at the bottom first. Go to step 7 for checking ranking. If you think that is what you need you can download then.

Anyhow be careful when using software using some kind of automatic checking to any search engine. Search engine don’t like auto robot calling them often cause it will eat their resources and slowing down their services. When that happened they usually will blocked that IP for maybe 1 to 2 days. You will notice this when you can’t access them for example when trying to use google search. So please don’t go crazy checking your ranking.

I was just researching my competition and using tools I can see that the main site I want to outrank for certain keywords has 4500 backlinks.

My site is very new but how can they get so many backlinks. I noticed they are all in blogs and things. How time consuming must that be.

Some are banner advertising. But some sites are backlink farms.

Googles rankings are based on the quality of the backlinks, not just the quantity. Have a look at some of the backlinks and check their page rank.

It is hard to get a new site up there quickly and lots of companies will try and sell you SEO. Depending on how competitive your industry/keyword is, then optimising your site and creating quality backlinks takes a lot of time.

The quick answer is pay per click on Google. Not as good as organic results but better than not being on the first page!